“It has been my joy to experience the work of Elevated Vibrations in several energy healing sessions. Their combination of beautiful sounding, high quality gongs, singing bowls, and other instruments wash over me, giving me the equivalent of an energetic shower. Every time I receive their work, I feel stress being gently neutralized and leave feeling very alive! Elevated Vibration’s knowledge is mixed with their natural intuition as to how to heal the energy body. It is a deeply meditative time, which allows you to be cleared and ready for action! I am very grateful for what they offer. It is my hope that their work will spread to many others, and eventually be a common energy rejuvenating practice worldwide.”

-Desiree Dennis, Spirit Medium and Energy Healer

Another celebrity sound bath given & blessings received!

It is an honor to give our friend and very in-touch Spirit Medium, Desiree Dennis, our special sound bath experience.  After each session she reveals something to us about our true natures, our highest selves, and the visions she sees within the auric experience of us + her + gong.

With all the resonating energies swirling around, she took time to write about her experience below! Thanks, Desiree! I share your vision for the future use & wide acceptance of this practice ~ ~ ~

“It has been my…


“I was just being completely present in the moment. I let the vibration wash over me and allowed my body’s vibrations to respond to it. Those tones are so pure — And what you did was beautiful — to allow each note to live its course. It grows from a seed, like a flower, and then grows up, then decays. Remember that each note contains a lifetime.”

Los Angeles is truly the land of celebrities. Through synchronicity, we were able to complete our goal of giving a celebrity a vibrational massage! This is what a legendary rock musician had to say after a truly Rockstar Sound Bath:

“I was just bei…