Testimonial Repertoire

It felt like being under water, but still able to breath.

Generated a strong feeling of peace, well being, and awareness.

The more you relax and let go, the deeper the feeling.

I felt as if I were floating. Then quickly the sensation shifted to a more intense lifiting, starting in the legs and moving up through my entire body. I felt immense energy and a sort of burning in my sacral chakra–then attention shifted to my third eye– my hands were hanging off the arm rests, lifeless, in complete relaxation and were not of my body. Then I felt as if my arms were lifting…rising….

The energy created by the instruments pulsed around me and around the room in a circular vortex, creating One-ness and connectivity through the energy bodies of all nearby.

I find the most amazing point is when the music stops and the sound bath is over, but your whole body is still vibrating at a steady, equilibriated frequency. I find I need a few minutes before I can get up, in order to re-enter my body after my spirit has temporarily escaped me.


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