The Best Spots in Colorado

We took a whirlwind two-week tour through the coolest spots in Colorado. Dragging our singing bowls along the way to experience nature, we traversed to waterfalls, sand dunes, snowy peaks, up mountains and down to festivals. _O5tTP3m4c87fKUhuGVCqrQal8sLQ_e2EJT-6BLMIHVTUiInSn3r158cP89yhbQf4g=w1600It was all breathtaking! Colorado stands out as an amazing gem for extreme nature experiences.


Beginning near Denver for Apogaea, the Regional Burn, we partied with the Colorado Burners for three nights. Their rugged party tactics included much play, climbing structures, sparkling unicorns, naked trampolines, growling kitties, and raging dub dub womp step that never stopped. An artistic head above the rest, the Soundpuddle theme camp was structured by sound engineers to illuminate different strings of lights based on the frequency of tones in a song. Soundpuddle had a magical circular piano under the circus-dome rainbow lighting that would sound like a sitar one moment, and a bongo the next. Amazing art meets science!


Amazing FIRE Experiential Art ~ Apogaea


Denver’s WOMP Truck ~ Always starting a parking lot party in CO

xbS78ZhCmqELPD31xpFmLlP5BR3InPlg48HyQaotrS3JL2LSmn5E45KLyoPd5eo_iw=w1600After our rugged Apogaea weekend in the Pike National Forest, we meandered our way through the Rockies to the true heart of the mountains, Crested Butte, Colorado ~ Crested Butte has always been one of our favorite places, due to it’s constant 360 degree landscape of wonder. Surrounding one on all sides are majestic green & rocky ranges, covered in peaceful cows, sportsmen & skiers, with the constant allure of the snow-capped giants in the background. We traveled all over town to get the best shots of the bowls to bring to you today!

At night we stayed at the Bubble Bath house, a communal living space most welcome to travelors & new experiences. They bake wonderful bread & raise the vibration of this community that seems to be one of the perma-happiest in the nation.tJ-0gpCyjJWvoJ353OLsei50c8yyblJFc0lKyxndG_rRuyVAFxXoTPyeiYEymbV8qw=w1600

Following Crested Butte we headed South East to the legendary largest Sand Dunes in North America. Clark had the crazy idea to hike to the tallest dune in the entire Great Sand Dunes National Park! Meet Star Dune ~ under the cover of twilight we camped it out at the top, like a Beduoin tribe. Taking cover from sand storms under priceless stars, we felt, like all ancient desert tribes… at one with the sand.

mR2abjOO0ZoHBcXCHpgb-h6CF0uUUJWvbIaRZXnpDphbZQlrknJtIDF28t4bYnYH3A=w1600 Wt0u4sfICaLs4oZ7Jgop6n90szAqxui6NLdEhELfNT60GPbv854lvDaPw9hK1hcXsg=w1600

The PERFECT place to stop after the dunes is Valley View Hot Springs. What better way to relax & rinse off the sand than in a homemade sauna system, hippie dipping pool, and trail full of hot springs of all temperatures! The best part: clothing optional.


Next we traveled to the red rock wonder near Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods. This is a spot dear to our hearts, and our third time amongst this rock climbing & sunset paradise! The concrete path makes everything super accessible, but be sure to go off-roading a little bit (despite the warning signs) for a great Sunset Spot. We rushed again to the Pike National Forest to sleep, and then headed to music festival Sonic Bloom the next day.

Sonic Bloom 2013 was quite the festival experience. I would rate it pretty highly as far as music, people & culture ~ and consciousness raising. What really sets a festival off for me is the art & the vibe. At Sonic Bloom everyone was smiling, welcoming & generous. One could easily wander throughout the campsite or fairgrounds & make friends & play with toys of the bizarrest kind.

MYjLmkQxOKetyCAVJCS45JSrsuysfCVSjvH9hLG2xb9TMDQPIFI1mvThU_OOkGRWWA=w1600 VpNiPc4f7MCp7CEGkZ2naS-1WsCVFrY8bt1WfxfrcQ-ONpz05izRd-4zeCZ60IvrfA=w1600 ytieN3IKwSftjRjs_3CnTtjOPmNv4pRq-_eB9SJbHEgxVGujnto_HskvHnm7PFFUaA=w1600

Some of my favorite lessons were learned from Jordan’s talks on Spirit Science (<<<life-changing Youtube series on our metaphysical history & essence>>>) and the Unified Field Theory by Nassim, a groundbreaking physicist’s spin theory for Unity.  The electronic music was rockin, but mixed in with enough female artists, dancers, live performances & orchestras that I was entertained.zh7sUBEqsP64ANkzroD1dd6hHDT1FpYArz91LMBsZ1NinGQWLu9mfCTpzn6X9H6qFA=w1600

However, if you’ve heard anything about Sonic Bloom 2013, you heard about the single death, the naked guy getting tazed by legions of police that came out of nowhere, the microburst that destroyed tent property, power lines, and trapped two people in a trailer, and the oil spills that closed to roads. All this happened on the last two days, but the festival handled these pockets of darkness / nature well and powered through. Though it did get a little Occupy at times.

The Bloom left our exhausted souls to travel North West to Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs. Of course we had to visit this Top Ten Sight in America. After a one-hour hike straight up, we reached a beautiful blue-green oasis full of waterfalls, rocks & life, and even met some others with Sonic Bloom wristbands on!  Pictures taken, we headed into Yampah Spa’s rumoured natural “vapor caves” ~ the only in North America. Right off the highway, in what looks like a shanty trailer, we were a bit hesitant, but the experience was extremely spa-luxurious & amazing for only $12 or so each. SO awesome, rivaling hot springs in experience.q-bJux6Pxec3d0iZvRf4gBL8bkvKRgjyr22nV8V-m56thMOz1bgnvZJYqf_HDvsUsg=w1600

Finally, steamed out, stretched, showered & detox, we were ready to exit Colorful Colorado into Elevated Utah!


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  1. I know this reply is super late, but. What did you think of apogaea vs sonic bloom? We’re thinking of going to one this year, but I only have time and money for one.

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