Chicago’s Music Scene + Starved Rock, IL


The Acoustic Concert @ Hostel Earphoria ~ Chicago


Hostel Earphoria is the perfect underground music escape & landing pad for adventurous travelers in Chicago.  Founded by a group of musically-genius friends, Earphoria is a creative playground for musicians & listeners alike.  It caters to musicians & singer-songwriters on tour & travelers who love to jam.

The fabulously friendly hostess, Jules, will greet you, show you around, and basically let you know that anything goes here! It is a place successfully based on contribution & creativity.

We had been booked as the closer band for a group concert of singer-songwriters that night. The hostel hosts impromtu concerts every night based on whichever musicians are staying there and hanging around. We met some fabulous kindred spirits at Hostel Earphoria who will be forever friends!


VIbrational Meditation @ Hostel Earphoria

All of the acts were amazing! These traveling Wilburys were like a new generation of Bob Dylans, in the harmonia, bluesy strumming, epically poetic, back-to-wilderness kind of way. The traveling musician genre is not dead!  Why can’t we hear this stuff on the radio??  Our meditation knocked everyone out into the spirit world and bonded the group as the night closed.

Over the next few days, opportunity knocked like never before!  One of the housemates asked if we could record some Gong in his state-of-the-art recording studio! We headed to downtown Chicago to JBTV ‘s recording studio and set up on a stage where the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, No Doubt, Oasis, Dave Matthews Band, Bjork and Barenaked Ladies had gone before us. The sounds we were able to record are like putting on a headset into a private sound bath session, with a rumbling gong behind you and singing bowls swaying and orbiting around your brain. I hope to launch that CD somehow soon!


Our Recording Session @ JBTV ~ CHICAGO


The Great Backpacking Journey Begins

Next we were invited along to an epic music video recording session at Starved Rock State Park.  The Earphoria core musicians were planning to hike out some state-of-the-art recording equipment & film some legendary music videos amidst the beautiful water falls of Starved Rock.


The View from Above ~ Starved Rock, IL

We decided to tag along for some Gong video in nature. This involved Lewis strapping the 50+pound Gong to his pack, and I the ever-precarious Gong Stand and Singing Bowls.  As we paraded and caravaned down the Starved Rock trails with all of our clunky & unusual equipment, the local passerby gave us crazed double-takes all day and our backs began to ache, but our smiles & the beauty of nature grew!


The Bowls Enjoying Nature ~ Starved Rock, IL


The Starved Rock trail lead us down wooden platforms through the forest, up to River Outlooks, and down into the water-flowing rocky Wonderland that rural Illinois had never shown us before. I have no idea how we managed this 6+ hour hike, but we did, fueled by the inspiration of those musicians traveling with us. We released the gong’s sounds into the caverns and recorded some amazing music videos at the falls.  This Starved Rock experience was a crazy & wild ride, but well worth the days of back massage and hamstring stretches to follow.


We have passed by the simple 1-80 exit to “Starved Rock” many times before, but never knew what a gem this was in the middle of Illinois !


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