Peter Hess Sound Massage Training ~ Peaceburgh, PA


Enter the Gong Chamber ~ at Crown of Eternity

How we happened to come upon the Peter Hess Academy of Germany’s first official USA-based training is quite the destiny-ridden ride. While giving a sound bath one day at Chronic Town, the owner mentioned a Sound Massage training class he was interested in, in Peaceburgh. We had never heard of the Peter Hess Academy, but were deeply intrigued at the chance to network & learn from so many sound artists in the same room.

So, our buddy jump-started us with a small donation towards our tuition to the class, which inspired us to make this GoFundMe. Through the amazing powers of friends and crowd-sourcing, we raised enough money to attend the Peter Hess Sound Massage training! At this point, we knew the Universe had answered our intent & was pushing us to go. Yet another free tuition ended up being donated to us from a philanthropist who could not attend the class herself!


The Glorious Classroom ~ at Crown of Eternity

Peaceburgh was off to a good start. The class itself was magical & intentful. We practiced the basic techniques of Peter Hess Sound Massage under the tutelage of instructor V’rasana Oannes, flown in from Sedona, AZ. The Peter Hess model was able to simplify & put a practical language & practice to the metaphysical art of the sound massage. DSC_0200 singingbowls

Every day was saturated with vibration through all the senses. Each day was led with & ended with a beautiful sound meditation put on by V’rasana for the class — some of the best meditation music I’ve ever heard. Then we would learn technique & practice on each other. We learned how to gently play the singing bowls on the body & swoop the Fen Gong over the body in an energetically stimulating way. Animal got to be one of the demonstrative clients & receive countless sound massages herself over the weekend! Our auras became charged, alive, and sensational.

After four days of learning through experience, we were simply resonating with the hum of the Earth & the vibrations of all beings. Our mind-body-spirit essences were entrained to peaceful, healing frequencies & our focus was crystal-clear on the goodness we will bring into the world through sound.DSC_0259

The place of the training, Crown of Eternity, was itself an amazing vibrant energy. The owners are largely accredited in the field & the proud care-takers of dozens of gongs, including Planetary, Sound Creation, Chau, & Symphonic. To be inside their home was to be Gong Family. The crystal matrixes upstairs paired with the constant energy of the instruments begging to be played downstairs made this house one of the most charged in Peaceburgh. What a gift to be able to learn, live, & explore in this vibrational playground amongst musical experts who are now personal heroes!


Thank you to V’rasana, Brother Mike, Galina, Chronic Town, our classmates, our donors, and Phil Osophical for making this summer in Peaceburgh simply elevating!


Our Esteemed Teacher, V’rasana Oannes


Frequency is Everything …


One comment on “Peter Hess Sound Massage Training ~ Peaceburgh, PA

  1. I love sound healing. I have used it a lot in my reiki practice. It was forever ago it feels (having had 2 kids now). I am friends with many sound healers. In particular Barb Nichols (on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest in Washington). She does concerts with hundreds of bowls. She has massages with all sorts of sounds that she’s recorded. It’s quite brilliant. Then I have other friends that use gongs as well. I have combined the tuning forks and bowls with my healing work. I wish you much success.

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