The Vortexes of Sedona, AZ

Sedona, AZ is known as a type of Mecca for spiritual explorers. The area holds many sacred sites for the Natives, and

Red Rock State Park, located near Sedona, Ariz...

Red Rock State Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

seems to magnetize healers and New Age seekers to its presence. Sedona holds a wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience for expanding consciousness, so I was glad when we got to make a stop with our AZ homie, Knot!

We arrived under the pretense of a day hike, to enjoy nature’s playground amongst the peaks and perhaps hold a small ceremony of our own ~ But what we experienced was a much more mind-blowing phenomenon common to these parts: An Energy Vortex.

We finished up our hike to the chosen peak in Red Rock State Park,

as the sunset made fire in the sky over the mountainous rust-orange desert cathedral. We held space and ceremony on the far side of a cliff, overlooking a dry valley with brush and bubbling brook running beyond. The ceremony was beautiful and serene. Afterwords we felt harmonious and naturally unified our three bodies into Ohm-Hug (see: article). And that’s when we felt The Vortex.

Vortex Experience

Vortex Experience

It was as if our bodies, bonded together by energy, had taken flight.  The three of us became part of a spiraling spire of energetic flux which shot straight up into the purple-pink skies. Rising, rising like a pinwheel of light, we joined the vortex and together rose over the desert as we Ohmed. And with the fall of our voices, peacefully descended back to earth.

The still silence of nature took over.  We looked up at each other in awe. Did you feel that? Did that really just happen?  Yes…but what was it…?

We hadn’t the foggiest idea that there was a name for this phenomena until we fatefully stepped into an epic crystal emporium called Crystal Magic on our way home. Knot happened to pick up a book called “The Vortexes of Sedona.”

All was explained.

Map of Sedona Vortex Hotspots

Apparently Sedona holds many certain magnetic points along the earth’s energetic meridian lines where vortexes commonly occur and can be called upon and felt. According to this article, upflow vortex sites make people feel positive, exhilarated and rejuvenated. “They literally unwind you and help you tap that universal oneness and harmony.” Here’s another informative article/video.

I agree.  The film between the human and spirit world is thin here, and I urge everyone to take advantage of that by visiting, experiencing, and communing in a Vortex in Sedona, AZ!

Namaste, Explorers

Artist rendition of vortex experience

Artist rendition of vortex experience


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