Couchsurfing 101: Santa Fe

“You mean, you’re going to go to a stranger’s house and sleep on their couch?”

“Yes, dad, it’s cool…we read his profile and he’s a magician.”

“Well, make sure he doesn’t make you disappear!”

Ha, ha, ha. But really, there’s no reason to be afraid of couchsurfing.

Lewis and I took our first hand at it in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Get your rock scramble on at ~ Garden of the Gods ~ Colorado Springs, CO ~ (Hint: don’t let the signs stop you)

And after a day of scrambling around Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs, CO napping in a public park, and being offered money by a stranger for our homeless appearances (?) ~ we were ready for that promised couch, no matter how lumpy.

Enter Haiku (name*changed), our delightfully mystical first host. It’s not every day you get showered in magical card tricks and slight of hand. He could make a business card fly ! I’m still pondering the enchanting bewitchery of Haiku, who coincidentally worked in a toy shoppe.

Haiku showed us a wonderful time downtown and we made it to the top of a dusty desert hill just in time to watch the sun set over Santa Fe.  The evening commenced by holding a mini film festival with friends from all over the globe and learning about some of Santa Fe’s most contemporary art scenes. We then fell asleep…on his plaid, frumpy couch, and slept beautifully!  Thanks, Haiku.

View of Santa Fe from our mountaintop perch

Traveling Tip ~ I can’t recommend enough ~ For everyone who wonders how we travel on a budget, let your own adventures begin on this glorious site. Make a profile and become amazed at the generosity and free love the world has to offer you ❤ Maybe you’ll be inspired to host someone yourself ❤


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