Following Destiny: The First Meeting

The shuttle, the mystery, the magical chance meeting.

Elevated Vibrations. How did they meet?

Incidentally enough, the fates brought these two together in the most inconspicuous of places: an airport shuttle.

So it’s true, don’t be afraid to look for a soul mate at the airport.

Fresh off the airplane, in the new town of Denver, CO … Maybe you have butterflies, but when one follows their intuition, the best of luck can happen !

I drag my suitcase onto a shuttle and begin to walk down the aisle.

“Hello, Can I sit here?”

A shaggy wilderness man turns to me with a grin, “Of course. Hi. Yes. My name’s Lewis. And Clark.”

“I’m Animal,” I say with a smile and shake of my mane. “What’s that in your journal? It looks like a lotus flower.”

“Oh, these are some designs for a healing arts studio I want to open. Yeah, there’s gonna be a giant singing bowl in the middle, filled

A Japanese rin marks the beginning of moments ...

Singing Bowls for everyone ! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with water, that you can sit in while it reverberates.” He pauses, waiting for my reaction.

“Wow, dude….you’re blowing my mind. Tell me more!”

Enter Lewis. Or Clark. After our discussion over moleskins, we discovered so many similar interests it was uncanny. A whirlwind of possibility opened.

We agreed to met again, in a hammock strung between two trees in the middle of Denver. At which, we conspired, aspired, dreamed and created. We formed a plan which involved the two of us taking a journey together. This journey would be “for explorers only” and take us through uncharted territories of land and mind. With the spiritual injection of meeting each other and the power of TWO minds, we were ready to manifest our dreams into reality. The great connection had begun, the coalescing ensued, where would life take us, now that we had agreed to go it together?

Well, first we had to OCCUPY our time…

English: Downtown skyscrapers in Denver, Colorado.


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